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面所列的英文為DVD 中的翻譯 


Actually I like women who are like cats,

Cats go away when playing is over.

I have to do my work too.

I don’t like it when they want to keep hanging out like dogs.

I like dogs too, but they are too reckless,

They even lick…

But cats go away after rushing their fur,

And they go away when they are finished.



Don’t you have medicines?

I have an allergy for dogs and cats .

It’s quite severe.

I raised a Russian Blue for a year not knowing that.

And later I almost suffocated.

Is there any medicine?

Medicine that is good for allergy?

Or maybe some methods for people like me to raise them…

Actually I have to eat one Zyrtec tabs everyday.

But Zyrtec makes me sleepy.

So I can’t raise cats.

I almost died one day while raising him for a year.

I had to put on a respirator.


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