英譯: 來自DVD 上的翻譯~


JJH: I’ve washed, shaved, and done my hair.

The most important thing is to eat now.

You have to eat breakfast everyday.

Well, they serve real good breakfast here.

I don’t eat like this all the time.

In my house, there’s rice seasoned seaweed and side dishes my mother makes for me.

I grill fishes myself, if there is fish at home.

I have folded egg here,

But I usually make fried eggs in the morning since I’m busy.

You won’t go on binge only if you eat breakfast.

I will eat now. I am really hungry.

I washed my hands cleanly .

My father used to make this with his hands when I was young.

You can wash your hands later.

This is th ugly kimbab, but it’s delicious.

If I really don’t have time in the morning.

I open the rice container., place some seasoned seaweeds, fumble 4 or 5 kimbab in my hands, and leave after drinking a cup of milk.

Then it really makes me full.

I have to wash my hands.

My mouth feels unpleasant if I don’t eat breakfast.

They say the mouth doesn’t feel fresh.

I feel that even if I brush my teeth.

There are many substitue food.

They sell corn soups in powder, and I eat them sometimes.

Ah , I almost forgot!

I swell up if I don’t eat breakfast.

It’s okay if I get swelled now, but when I was a model, and when I had to lose weight for shooting, that is a real big difference.

If I don’t eat in the morning , I swell up. So I had to eat something even rice drinks.

That helped me.

My face swell up.

If I don’t eat breakfast, the puffed up parts don’t go away.

I just mix rice and water when I am alone…. but if my friends come over…

I have two best friends since elementary school.

He’s a student so he donesn’t earn money. So he comes to my house.

If there are two or more people, I have to make them breakfast, so I go to the market.


A: You make side dishes too?


JJH: My mother brings side dishes mostly.

If my mother is busy, I do it.

It’s hard to make side dishes.

The ones I eat usually, like fried cuttlefish.

It’s hard to make side dishes.

I can’t make sesame leaf pickles.

That’s harder than making main dishes.

It takes longer time.

I’ve finished eating one bowl of rice while talking.

I don’t eat the whole bowl usually.

Shall I show you something spectacular?

I can eat…. I have rice in my mouth.

I can eat fruit together.

It doesn’t feel bad at all.


A: Even if it’s sweet?


JJH: I can eat anything mixed, whether it’s rice and snacks, rice or fruits.


A: Ah, really ?


JJH: Yes.

It doesn’t feel weird.

I can eat nato after eating pineapple.

But my friends are amazed.

I can’t eat soft stuffs basically.

Salmon, tuna…

I can’t eat what feels soft.


A: Tuna is eaten when it’s frozen.


JJH: Sometimes people eat raw tuna.

The raw tuna is red and it’s very moist.

It’s an expensive dish, but I can’t eat that.


I’ve finished my breakfast.

I’ve emptied it.

I have to prepare now.



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