1505 AD

King Yeonsan ordered 'Beauty Recruit Officers' to bring him

Over 10,000 women for his carnal pleasures.


-Annals of the Joseon Dynasty 


Today's hunt is starting off with a bang

Let's go !


A man


A millennium of pleasures…


Used 10,000 beauties 

Will be prepared for you !


To lure the King (誘惑國王) 

Just like old days,

You haven’t lost your touch


Struggle for Power(爭奪權力)

I cannot tolerate any further,

I must regain my power…


This is hardly enough to undermine the Consort


I'll suck his soul right out

Even this sword knows the answer,

But how could you not know what I want?


She's not a bad choice


I shall teach you the way


Seduce the Tyrant(勾引暴君)

Bend like a bow!



Use your tongue to stimulate


Feminine energy stems from lower abdomen


With so many virgins at his disposal,

He'll want something different


Where was this jewel found?


A mother's jacket…

has turned crimson…


The King

No one's getting hurt

Cuz I've got the power over the king!


Above the King

This is what I've been waiting for!


You are overstepping your authority!


The strong writes history,

While the weak is written


Did you really take me for a fool?


No sane man can live through such tyranny





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