Perfect actors Ju Ji-hoon & Kim Kang-woo

Press conference of the movie The Treacherous

Ju: I could be driven into a corner as a pervert in one go.

Le: There was a training where we burst them with our thighs.  


*Chae Hong Sa-An organization which looks for beautiful ladies throughout the country.

Grant these two the full power of Chae Hong Sa.


Is about joseon’s tyrant king “yeon-san’ & his seemingly loyal retainer who controls him.


What is the treacherous subject which you are talking about?


The strong writes, and the weak is written.


Ju Ji-hoon acts as Joseon’s treacherous subject ‘Im Soong-Jae’!


Ju: All of us, including myself, have a set image of a treacherous subject.

I too, have that set image, and if I was thinking about the details of how

I should act. the director wanted aggressive and intense qualities,

So I listened to his direction and created my character.


In the video clip, you prepared a unique laughter. 


Ju: When I’m with the gisaeng, I show my light qualities so I just

laughed like that and the director allowed it and gave the OK sign,

so that’s why it’s shown in the video clip.


It would be rude if I asked you to show us that laughter right now, right ?


Ju: It would be very rude.


We’ll just see this laughter.


King ‘Yeon-san’ was a complete tyrant!

The era of ‘Yeon-san’

Is shown on screen once again!


Actor Kim Kang-woo

Dominates the silver screen !


Kim : The image of King ‘Yeon-san’ shich we saw until now was just a tyrant.

I wanted to leap over the image of a tyrant who has a trauma because of his mother lady Yoon. I did feel pressured and thought about adding an artistic touch to differentiate the character.

Thankfully, the director thought of the picture”Beauty” as well as poems.

And dance , and I do several dance pieces with “Soong-Jae’ and thought

of showing a lunatic feel, and thought in-depth about showing an artistic madness. 


Highly anticipated scene is the one where 10,000 beautiful ladies appear!


Kim: I was hally. I was happy just to see them , but I felt bad as we can see it now,

But everyone revealed their bare skin in the cold winter

So I couldn’t complain that I was cold.


Ju: A lot of ladies appear. I tool care of my appearance and before

the filming, we did rehearsals and we did a lot of things,

but the Hanbok wasn’t suitable to wear as a top, It kept slipping off.

I needed to do the rehearsal by making eye contact with over ten people.

A corner as a pervert in one go , so I decided that

I should be careful with my eye contact. 


I guess you weren’t just happy with a lot of women


Ju: Plus, when I act, I show rough and tough qualities, so I was worried that the clothes could be ripped or unexpected bad situations could occur, and

as people could be hurt as everyone revealed their bare skin. 


Lim Ji-yeon is receiving

Interest from the Korean film industry!


In acting as a mysterious lady~


Lim: Many women did special disciplinary techniques to captivate the king.

Out of the many , the most memorable one for me was ice, they hung

the ice on top, and I laid down under the ice and as the ice melted, water dropped onto the lower part of my abdomen. That is a training where

the lower abdomen is strengthened but in reality, it was extremely cold

and the ice melted while I was filming so the ice just fell onto my stomach

so it hurt a lot and I remember experiencing a lot of hardships.


Lee Yoo-young

Lee: Along with the ice training. There was a training where we broke pumpkin.

fruits and vegetables with our thighs.


Choe Hong Sa, the beauty searching authorities is an amazing place.

Do the scenes appear in this movie? 


Lee: They will, if they aren’t edited out.


Kim Kang-Woo & Ju Ji-hoon

Act as a king & a treacherous subject!

Must keep an eye out on the two’s acting chemistry!


Ju: Kim Kang-woo has an amazing personality . He has a great personality

and we don’t look like we have a big age gap, but wo do , and

despite that, he treated me really well . It’s because I’m younger than him

and he’s older and I would talk for a long time and he would listen to me

in earnest and when I look at his eyes, I realized that I was talking

nonsense and he was listening in earnest and as a junior, I feel thankful that he reacted to me as a friend.


Kim: We’re friends . The set-up itself is that we’re friends and I set up

a house in the palace and I heard that the two were close enough to visit

each other’s homes. In history . So, I ENJOYED IT. When you see the movie.

It’s fun to watch guy and woman couples, but we two have a delicate

and strange friendship and it might be fun to see us use each other.


A tense atmosphere at the filming set!

Passionate acting of the cast stands out!


Lee: About five million?


And if you have over 5 million admissions?


Lee: If we have over 5 million, I will personally do the dance performed at the banquet and the sword dance in front of the audience.

When they leave the theater after watching the movie.


Ju : It could cause a lot of harm.


Actors charisma stands out in this movie!


I can no longer see the Im family’s father and son act vigorously .


A new interpretation of a shocking historical theme!


Don’t miss The Treacherous!



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