Cafe Rainbow(漢南大橋休憩展望台)



下面所列的英文為DVD 中的翻譯,以後我盡可能會把做的GIF 呈現出阿呆所說的內容




Cafe Rainbow (Han River 漢江)

This is a cafe near Han river.

and there's an elevator too.

If your legs hurt, You can ride on it, but I walk until the 3rd floor.

The cafe is above Han River bridge and the scenery is nice.

It's beautiful now because of the snow.

There are people workiing out.

I also run along Han River instead of going to fitness clubs.

It's really nice.

It feels like a cold store.

If you come up here

you can see the Han River in 360 degrees.

look around

It's quite dizzy...





I couldn't drink coffee,

but I learned from Jae Wook.(指的是金材昱)

Some say that coffee is good, 

and some say it's bad. 

I didn't really want to learn coffee,

but somehow I learned it.




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