這裡是阿呆的好友柳德煥的家,正確來說應該是柳dd 媽媽住的地方[百年韓屋]

以下為柳德煥DD 所說的話:

I am doing a difficult play these days,

and I couldn't resolve my stress,

and one day I came here on New Year

because Ji Hoon wanted to come,

The air is different,

and I feel I'm getting clean when I see the snow.

And my mother is here too.

I just call her (mother),

She is so good to me,

and she makes real nice dishes.

I came here often because of Ji Hoon,

and it's so good.

It's amazing.

I've broought a camera.

I wanted to leave a memory.




What is this !

Take this.



I fell down .

You must be careful  because of snow.

You can fall down like me.






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