Café Rainbow (Han River)


This is a café near Han river.

And there’s an elevator too.

If you legs hurt, you can ride on it,

But I walk until the 3rd floor.

The café is above Han River bridge, and the scenery is nice.

It’s beautiful now because of the snow.

There are people working out.

I also run along Han River instead of going to fitness clubs.

It’s really nice.





It feels like a cold store.

If you come up here, you can see the Han River in 360 degrees.

Look around. It’s quite dizzy…

I couldn’t drink coffee,

But I learned from Jae Wook.

Some say that coffee is good, and some say it’s bad.

I didn’t really want to learn coffee, but somehow I learned it.




If you go this much…towards that side, there’s the Namsan Tower.

That Namsan Tower I the symbol of Seoul.

They call is Seoul Tower.

We call is Namsan Tower,

But foreigners call is Seoul Tower.

I went there privately,

And sometimes for shooting,

I will go there soon.

I’ll talk about it later.




My cell phone is actually 2G, and old one.

I am using someone else’s cell phone.

Q: Do you like games?

I play games sometimes, and I have a game console,

And once or twice a year, I fall into games,

I stay over night for a few days,

And I don’t play it for about 9 to 10 months.



Q: Console game?

Yes, console game.




Level up !

It’s a real simple game, but it’s addictive.

There are too many smart people in the word.

Not everyone is like me.(知道就好, 噗) 



Q: You are born to look nice on photographs.

That’s because I met good photographers.

It’s a joke, it looks nice because of the make-up. (誠實的小孩..呵呵呵)

I was 11kg slimmer than now.



Q: You were more slim than now.


I gained 11kg than that day.



Q: How long did it take you go gain 11kg?

I didn’t take years. I gained 6,7kgs in just 3 months from October.

I told you just now, but I have a lumbar disc.

I got this disc while working out violently.

In October, and now I can’t exercise anymore.

I can work out at all.



Q: Is it that severe?

It’s not like I’m going to die,

But I can feel pain at my back all the time.

Sometimes I can’t lie down or even sit down. (心疼)

I keep going to hospital .



Q: You’ll have a hard time when you go to the army.

I have to take pain killers with me.

I’m not staying for 2 years, so I have to bear it.

So I get treatments everyday.





Q: Aren’t you afraid of injections ?


I am…not scared of something coming into my body.

Like getting injections…

Is there acupuncture in Japan too?

I’m not afraid of acupuncture.

I listened well to my mother since I was young.

I trusted my mother.

When I sprained my ankle,

My mother took me to an Oriental clinic,

And wanted me to get acupuncture.

I asked her to treat me, and not anybody else. 

But I followed her because she wanted me to.

And I cried when an old man stabbed a big needle.



Q: A big needle… 

Well, I was about six,

And I stopped crying when my mother said

‘Hey, think carefully, it doesn’t hurt”

Don’t keep crying and think again.

When he stabbed another one. It just stinged a bit.

I’m not afraid of getting injections.



Q: Your mother is smart.


I was gentle when I was young.

The back of my hea is straight like a cliff. 



Q: Can you show us ? 


It’s flat if you touch it.

When she laid me know. I just fell asleep.

I didn’t even turn over once.

I kind of blame her.



Q: A secret that the fans don’t know is revealed


Q: You are quite thin.

Not anymore



Q: Well, not aymore but…Few months ago.

You like animals , and you are quiet,

So the Japanese fans think you are timid, introspective,

And are afraid of going to hospitals.  

Ah. Really?



Q: of coure.

Even if I am infront of the camera, I talk and laugh well

With the people I don’t know well,

When I come outside.

But I don’t come out usually,

And don’t like meeting people I don’t know much.

That’s why they think like that.

I hang out well once I meet them.

Once I meet them, I don’t take to strangers.

But I’m shy before I meet someone.

And when my friend wants me to come over,

I don’t go if he’s with someone I don’t know.

I used to be like this before becoming an actor.

I must be one of the top of having poor relationships.

I’m serious.



Q: Which actor do you think has a poorer relationship than you ?

I don’t know that.



Q: then

The two actors I know are Kim Jak Wook, and Ryu Duk Hwan.



Q:Then do they have similar characteristics with you ?

Ryu Duk Hwan likes meeting people.and going outside.

And Jae Wook…I’m not sure about him.

He probably won’t know well about himself.

They are interesting people.


source from 5050papi  (影片佔部份)



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