I keep saying this, but I really like side streets,

There’s a nice Korea restaurant that someone I know from a musical introduced me,

There’s the course dish, and the amount is right.

The place is right here.

Insadong Korea restaurant(Neujo)


Isn’t it beautiful ?

It’s a wooden signboard.

Come on in.



店家: Yes, Hello.


店家: You may go in.

This is a Korea restaurant.

And you’ll eat in a room.

So it’s nice, and it also feels like a hideout.

Can you see at the back?

This leaf and th pine tree….

It looks nice with white,

I like atmospheres like this.

The food is nice,

It’s really perfect.


Most Korea food are served at once.

But in this place,

They serve some porridge as an appetizer at first,

And then the main dish, and then the dessert.

You don’t have to in a hurry to eat at this place,

If you come to Korea, This place is near Insadong.

When you walk around, your legs will hurt and you’ll be tired

Then you can come here…

This is a Korean underfloor heating system, and it’s really warm…

And you can eat dinner…

With some conversations.

You can talk about what you saw that day.

It’s a place where you can have conversations.

It’s really nice.



Thank you .

It’s pumpkin porridge . (前菜-南瓜粥)

This is radish water kimchi. (喝了一定要發出那種聲音就是了? , 斜眼)

If you eat this raidsh water kimchi,

You won’t need hangover cures.


There’s more food coming.

Thank you .

It’s really delicious.

Isn’t it beautiful ?

The Korea food has big amount,

But not this place. It’s nice.

And I really like that sound. (媽媽說不能敲碗, 叔叔有練過, 不可以學呦!!!~^^)

Do you know the wind chime? Wind chime sound?

I really love wind chime sound.  (可以買風鈴給朱阿呆呦~^^)

I’m sorry for eating alone.

I went to Japan often ,

And Japanese friends eat holding the bowl like this, (台灣也是這樣, 要把碗拿起來, 不然會被大人罵!)

But in Korea, you’ll get scolded.

You have to leave it down.

The culture seems to be similar, but it’s different.

This is a garnish.

You can wrap up what you like to eat.

You can toll anything .

Why ? It’s delicious only when you wrap up what you want.

Actually I don’t know what this is.

I think this is black raspberry.

The men staffs are opening their eyes wide by the word black raspberry.

I’m sorry.

I’m not sure, but pumpkin porridge is good for sulky parts.


And this is…

Pork, It looks like smoked port.

And these are all herbs.

You can eat it like this.The food will keep being served.




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