Namsan Seoul Tower


As I told you ,

I had only rode on a motorbike, and walked until here,

so I’ve never seen this place like this.

It looks all new.

That’s why many people come here.

It’s the same place I used to come,

but I walked on a different path.


It’s the Seoul Tower.


It’s really big, Seoul Tower.

It’s a beacon mound.

It says it’s a beacon mound.

It’s a place for signal fire right ?

A: They call it a beacon mound where they put singal fire.

They put fire on this, and give signs.

When there’s war.


Shall we go to the Seoul Tower?


Do people write on this lock ?

Take a look at this.

Can’t you see well from here?

It’s really nice to see from here.


Did it get recorded?


Are you recording now?

It’s not an easy thing.

It’s really not easy.

It feels good.

It feels so good.


Shall I break this lock ?

It’s a masterpiece because the film was messed up.

It’s not my skill.

I like this so much.

I’ll give it to someone.

Won’t he or she hate it?

When I came here on motorbike.

This place is….

Namsan street are very winding.

People who ride motorbikes like curved course,

So we went there a lot.

It was okay except in winter.

During summer night ,

There’s a place where motorbikes gather .

If you go there, the engine sound motorbikes, 

And the oil smell is eally strong.

If I smell that now, I still think about my memories.

I lived in Namsan for more than one month during “Don Juan”

I stayed in Namsan for 15,16 hours a day.

I ran in the morning, practiced, ate, and practiced again.

I came to Namsan that often,

But I haven’t gone further than the observatory.

It feels great to look around slowly and see things very carefully.


Can you see that?

That is…

I don’t know what that performance is ,

but if you come here, you can see traditional stuffs like that.



The air is really nice.

I feel good when the air is nice.

Ah, it’s good.


I like streets like this rather than the steps.

Can you see the asphalt?

It’s a wide road.

Places like the Children’s grand park.

This is it.

Good job walking around Namsan.

Go and eat some dinner.

We’ve prepared it.

Now, shall we go ?

A: You should go on a motorbike.

Q:Motorbikes? That’s good.

It’s nice.

Do you want to go?

I can’t go because I don’t have a helmet.










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