英譯: 來自DVD 上的翻譯~




 JJH: The noodles are here.

We are doing this for living.


T: Now, let’s eat.



JJH: Here are the chopstick.

You shouldn’t have seen this.

Do you have ?

Is this also in Japan?


T: Won’t they know since it’s famous?


JJH: There’s a plate jajangmyeon, and plain jajamyeon,.

This is plain one.

It’s hard to mix with a chopstick.

If you shake it like this, it gets mixed like magic.


T: This is for free. Fried tofu.


JJH: Is this service?


T: Yes.


JJH: Our town doesn’t give tofu for free.

This is sweet and sour pork.  (這時阿呆真的好像大媽..)


T: It is fried pork, dumped in wheat starch.

And sauce.

Shall we pour it?


JJH: In Korea, there are Chinese restaurants everywhere.

Just try it in any place. It’s really nice and cheap.

I’ll eat well.

Ldda dakimas !(日語) " Is it I’ll eat well?”

Before not now…

I guess that’s right .

I was really poor when I was young.

Everyone was poor in that era.

Ah, does it sound I lived long?

I ate jajangmyeon only at the graduation.

Well, that might just for me.

(這時吃炸醬麵的阿呆, 完全是吃貨模樣~^^)



JJH: When we order this, they give us coupons. (朱阿呆完全秉持著大媽買菜贈送蔥時的小確幸心情..噗)

This is citron tea, and it’s good for throat and cold.

Right ?


T: Yes.


JJH: I’ve got cold now…

I should get going .

Thank you .

You really try hard all the time.


T:Yes, I try hard all the time.


JJH: Thank you so much.


T: Alright, well done today.

Next week ?


JJH: I’ll come next week.

Next wekk Thursday?


T: Alright, see you on Thursday.

I will call you . if I go to Seoul.


JJH: Okay , take care.


The lesson is finally over.








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