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Amsa market



This is about 5 minutes away from home.

This market has been here since I was young.

I came here to buy some ingredients to make dinner for my friends before I leave to the army .

This is Amsa market.

I actually stop by here once in 2,3days to buy ingredients. 

I walked here while going to school during middle school.

If I keep walking straight, my middle school appears,

and so I used to walk on this path.

It didn’t have a ceiling before, but now there is.

You musn’t come here while you are on diet.

There are many things to eat.

You can’t help but eat if you come here.

I should buy meat first…

Shall I cook steamed ribs and roast chicken…

The ingredients aren’t much different.

Can I have 1 kg of meat for steamed ribs?

Steamed ribs.

Just give me 1kg.


Q:Do you want domestic ribs?

There are other ribs on sale.


JJH: Give me the ones one sale.

I buy what’s on sale these days, and it’s fine.

And please gie me one chicken for roasting.

You will know too, but I can order it and go buy other things while it’s prepared.


I will buy one agaric mushroom.

I would like tol buy this.


(it’s 200 won,4000 won, well, 6000 won.)


Is this spicy?



It’s Chug Ryang chilli.

It’s real spicy.

7000 won.

All of them )


Give me one plastic bag.


(one plastic bag?

8000 won. )


I don’t have much money.


(It’s 9800 won all together.)

I should ask for some discount, but I didn’t buy much.   






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