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英譯: 來自DVD 上的翻譯~


Film company, Soo film


JJH: I’m in Soo Film…

I came here to meet director Min Gyoo Dong of movie “antique”.

I didn’t see him for 2 months.

I came to say hi.





MGD: You are here.


JJH: You are writing something.


MGD:I read this magazine over the night.


JJH:Did you finish that?


MGD: Yes.

You come often.

Once a year?


JJH: What do you mean?

We didn’t meet only for 2 months.


MGD:Did you come here to take something?


JJH: No.

Shall I stay at the next room?

He’s director Min Gyoo Dong of movie ‘antique’.


MGD: What?

Are you being sarcastic?


JJH: This is ‘Kitchen’ poster. Korean poster.

And these are director Min’s movies.

They are director Min’s movies who I respect.

This is the Japan version of ‘antique’

I like this better to say the truth.

I like this better clearly.

This looks much better.

And do you know what this is ?
Thi is the signboard in movie “antique”.

And this is….. just…

Director Hong and we also like the scene that’s on that movie.

I guess that’s why he made that.

When I first came here after the movie shoot,

I really liked this.

I want to ask him to make one for me.


MGD: You can take it.


JJH: No.

I won’t be greedy. This is the only one.





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英譯: 來自DVD 上的翻譯~




 JJH: The noodles are here.

We are doing this for living.


T: Now, let’s eat.



JJH: Here are the chopstick.

You shouldn’t have seen this.

Do you have ?

Is this also in Japan?


T: Won’t they know since it’s famous?


JJH: There’s a plate jajangmyeon, and plain jajamyeon,.

This is plain one.

It’s hard to mix with a chopstick.

If you shake it like this, it gets mixed like magic.


T: This is for free. Fried tofu.


JJH: Is this service?


T: Yes.


JJH: Our town doesn’t give tofu for free.

This is sweet and sour pork.  (這時阿呆真的好像大媽..)


T: It is fried pork, dumped in wheat starch.

And sauce.

Shall we pour it?


JJH: In Korea, there are Chinese restaurants everywhere.

Just try it in any place. It’s really nice and cheap.

I’ll eat well.

Ldda dakimas !(日語) " Is it I’ll eat well?”

Before not now…

I guess that’s right .

I was really poor when I was young.

Everyone was poor in that era.

Ah, does it sound I lived long?

I ate jajangmyeon only at the graduation.

Well, that might just for me.

(這時吃炸醬麵的阿呆, 完全是吃貨模樣~^^)



JJH: When we order this, they give us coupons. (朱阿呆完全秉持著大媽買菜贈送蔥時的小確幸心情..噗)

This is citron tea, and it’s good for throat and cold.

Right ?


T: Yes.


JJH: I’ve got cold now…

I should get going .

Thank you .

You really try hard all the time.


T:Yes, I try hard all the time.


JJH: Thank you so much.


T: Alright, well done today.

Next week ?


JJH: I’ll come next week.

Next wekk Thursday?


T: Alright, see you on Thursday.

I will call you . if I go to Seoul.


JJH: Okay , take care.


The lesson is finally over.








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英譯: 來自DVD 上的翻譯~




JJH: I am exhausted.

T: You should be.

JJH: Musical songs are really difficult.

It’s hard to sing, and it’s difficult to make energy.

He makes me feel comfortable.

T:I am exhausted too.

JJH: I’m not physically tired, but I’m just learning.

The basic right now…

But I have habits. I am 29 years old.,

And I have habits of singing songs in my own style,

and it’s different.

Because this (musical) must be delivered.

It will work when I master the basic…

But now, even if I get too emotional,

The audiences won’t hear the sound,

And if I break my emotions, it’s too cold…

T: It should be hard.

It will be hard because this is same as changing

someone who lived as a right hander to a left hander.

I was half in doubt when he came to me

saying he wants a lesson, because he came to me in old age.

He’s muscle habits are already stiff…

JJH: I came in old age?

T: It’s not that.

JJH: I’m not old…(哈哈哈, 朱先生你的確老了…..)

T:I teach young students in University.

They are just twenty years old, but you are not twenty right ?

So if someone has muscular habits for quite a long time,

It is really hard to change, unless he has a strong will.

But what made me feel there is a possibility , that I can change him,

and that I want to challenge too is.

During my holidays, he packs his bag and comes to my house for about 3days.

He trains after breakfast, he trains after lunch, he trains after dinner,

he trains after drinking beer, he trains after night movie,

he sleeps and trains after breakfast again.  (就是喜歡朱先生這樣的堅強意志)

He kept repeating this for a few days.

He showed me a strong will.

He has a clear opinion himself, but when someone says something

and if he feels that it will really help him, he can throw away everything.

So when he first came, we didn’t sing.

What he did when he first came was.

JJH: Shall I show you ?

A: Show me.

JJH: When I first came,

Ah! Eh! Hello~

T: He should have a good habit of speaking,

and then only, he will be able to use that while singing

we are planning for 2 more years.

After that steady work . you will be surprised when you see him on stage.

Anyway we should try harder right?

JJH: This is really hard…

Well , other stuffs are hard too.

but what should I say…

the difference between musical, movie and drama are same.

(like movie, and drama) there’s a close-up

and there are sound machines right infront,

(like musical) but there’s no close-up in musicals,

and if I can’t voice out well, the audiences won’t understand.

But while singing, if there are scenes like I will revenge you,

or I will kill you, there will be tension when the actor gets excited.

If there’s tension, he can’t voice out,

But his feelings are true…

Do you want to know a secret?

The Don Juan show was held in Sung nam.

During the show, I almost begged the actor of Don Juan to teach me.

Then the actors told me to give up Sung nam. 

Ji Hoon, let’s give up Sung nam! So I said yes.

T: Ju Ji Hoon as a musical actor now,

He’s just a trainee, since he just started.

He was a hero in some musicals,

and he must think the same too,

but he has a real good attitude of learning.

He has just started stepping forward,

but he has amazing things inside him.

Ji Hoon’s strong point is, he has a strong will to train himself real hard

and make it into his stuff, if he feels he is insufficient, and unfamiliar.







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英譯: 來自DVD 上的翻譯~






Shall we do MON NOM?

JJH:Can’t we eat first?

I’m hungry…. (完全吃貨一枚….呵呵呵)

T: Alright.

JJH: I want jajangmyeon. ( 炸醬麵….太好笑了..直翻)


Alright, let’s have that today.

JJH: Wait , uh?

You want a set?

T:Let’s have a set.

With sweet and sour pork.

JJH: Sweet and souor pork, and two noodles.


Hello? You have a sweet and sour pork and noodles set right?

Yes, I would like that.


Well, let’s practice until it arrives…

JJH:Let’s practice.

This is MON NOM…MON NOM, the first tite of Don Juan. (音樂劇唐璜的其中一曲目)

It made me suffer so much…

I lost 6 kg while singing this song, seriously I did.

I didn’t even work out.

MON NOM  makes me…get filled with emotions…


T: My name is !

JJH: My name is..

T: Yes,

My name is heavy burden!

JJH: What was hard is that, Don juan is a show

Which the license comes from overseas.

That means there will be foreign staffs.

Language and other stuffs are different.

But the license has to follow the original show.

Actually what was hard is.

Other licenses must be the same too.

They won’t listen even when the Korean actors or staffs appeal.

Don juan was a three casting.

Three casting means there are three people.

Then their characterisitics and their acting styles will be different. 

But they keep standardizing the actors.

The part just now, darararara is done by Wen himself.


 주지훈~「Don Juan」~ju juan_Mon nom







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英譯: 來自DVD 上的翻譯~




Disc 2:My Friends 



JJH:This is where my singing teacher lives,

And so I came quite far.

About 40 to 50 minutes.

The working hours are not fixed,

We are just doing it in his house…
we are here, now…

I should go in.

I’m planning to get his lessons when I’m at the army.

I’m here to train the vocalization for musicals and acting.

This is my teacher’s house.

He’s a young teacher.

He’s good looking.

I’m here.


T: Hey.

JJH: I’m used to cameras.

But I’ve never had private shooting before,

Except movie and drama interviews,

So I feel kind of awkward.

I’ll soon get used to it.

My teacher also can’t help but feel awkward.

Wow! It’s really natural now.

The apartment radio is on now.

We’ll soon get used to this.  

Hello, he’s my vocal teacher.

His name is Jin Jung Hoon,


Jin Jung Hoon (A musical department professor)


He studied voice in Germany for long,

And now he is a professor in musical department of Korea ChungKwang

Culture industry University.

He’s a university professor,

And it’s illegal if I learn and pay him.

But luckily, we are close, so money is not traded between us,

And I thank him a lot.

Because this lesson takes place once a week,

But it doesn’t end in short time.

I have to be in the army for 2 years,

And we are planning 3 years for this lesson.

We plan 3 years for basic master time,

And I’ll continue steadily after that…

I thank him a lot really.


T: Hello, I’m Jin Jung Hoon.

I’ve got cold, and he told me that

You heard it yesterday. this shooting thing yesterday.

So I took shower in hot water yesterday,

but my throat is in a bad condition.

I feel pressured, because of the lesson today.

We are not teacher and student relationship,

But we are just brothers,

He comes to my house to get the lesson, or when I go to Seoul,

I go to his house for the lesson,

And we drink at Han River after the lesson sometimes.

But he’s here today….

You should sing and go right ?


JJH: Of course.

T:You didn’t bring the music sheet right?

JJH: No, it’s in your house.

T:Shall we warm-up?


T:Hold on.

Say “YA” ! Start!




JJH: Ya! Ya!


Start with Ya!


T:The sound is stuck in your body

Because the energy isn’t released.

Apply I love you there

JJH: I love you ~~~

T: If you sing I love you,

JJH: I love you

T: I love you ~just do it naturally.

JJH: I love you

T: Ya~


T: It’s not strong.

Ya! It’s strong right ?


JJH: Ya~

T: Yes!

Connect that first.

JJH: Your neck has tension.

T:Well, then…

Musical songs are…

First sing the song as you used to sing.

After that, he cried out ‘you killed my love’

And the music and the image changes.

(The lines) it’s you took away my son and wife right ?


The sounds like pop song.

JJH: Does it?

T:Yes, because.

Did it get pushed?

Adrea ah~ you push like this.

It went adrea ah~?

JJH: What’s difficult is…

When you act, there’s a monologue,

You deliver some message, and I am totally used to it already.

But the audiences must hear me in musicals.

I’m not making parts by putting down the curtain on purpose,

But I’m just used to monologue.

Monologue just swallows up the voice… 

T:Then do the monologue.

JJH:Monologue goes like this usually.

When Adreahana is dead, I should think about the feelings,

I know it in theory, but my body won’t follow.

I should go and say “Adreahna, how should I live without you ? “


T: Right ? Then you should remember that feelings.

JJH: That will work, but unconsciously

My body makes me feel that I ‘m doing a monologue while looking at

Adreahna, emotionally….






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英譯: 來自DVD 上的翻譯~






JJH: Who is it?

Q: Ji Hoon.


JJH: Hello

Q:How have you been?

JJH: I’ve been doing well.

Q:Did you prepare a lot?

JJH: Is there anything to prepare a lot?

Q:Your head must be cold.

JJH: Yes, it’s cold.

Q:Did you say goodbye to your parents?

JJH:Yes, I met them yesterday.

My friends came yesterday with something to eat.

They said I’ll want to eat things when I go to the army.

I’ve slept well, ate well, and now I am here.

Q:Where will we be going today?

JJH: We have to go to the 306 drafts at Uijeongbu.

I have to train there, and I don’t know what’ll happen next.

Q:Then is it the military drill from today?

JJH:As far as I know, we won’t train from the first day.

We will be returning our clothes to home,

And we will also have a body check-up again.

And then , we will be trained.

Alright, let’s go.

There’s a hole in this shoes.

Q:You look like a solider.

JJH: Really?

Thank you .

Can I see?

I don’t have hair.

It feels awkward.




JJH: Hello, I’m Ji Hoon.

You must be worried, but you don’t have to.

Everyone have to do this, and so I will do my best.

To finish by duties.

Be happy until then.

And I hope this vide could make you happy in any way.

I was really happy too.

I was very happy that I could meet you through a video like this.

I will try my best, and improve myself.

Before I come back again.

Take care until then.




Your mother called me.

RDW: Huh?

My mother knew that I was going today.

JJH:I’m so thankful.

I have to call your mother after a few months, to congratulate.

Duk hwan’s enrollment in army.


RDW: You caught me this time.

JJH:He’s going soon.

There’s not much time left.

RDW:I have to follow you .

JJH: I’ve said goodbye to all my friends.

Q:Does it feel realistic?


I don’t feel realistic now.

I think I’ll feel that when I go infront of the camp.

Yes, alright.

I am really going now.





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英譯: 來自DVD 上的翻譯~



This is the only hiking boots I have,

And I go climbing every week.

It’s a boots that I really like, but I’ll give it to you .

I didn’t wash it.

I’m sorry.

But I didn’t wear it much.

I don’t know who will get this boots,

But I hope he or she will be happy when they receive this.




I wrote what I wanted to say while going to the army.

It’s similar to what I’ve said just now.

It won’t be interpreted.


Shall I sign too?

It will get divided then.


Q:Do you think about who will get this while signing?


 JJH: It’s funny.

A relationship is an amazing thing right?

No one knows who will receive this, but it will go anyway.

It will really be fun.

It’s similar…

You’ll be angry if I write “next time” here right?

I’m done.

What will this be?

I’m not trying to gamble with this three photos.

I just wanted it to be fun.

I’ve cut my body into three.

It’s cruel, but I did it.

Won’t this be fun?

Three people will share this three photos.

I’ve signed it so that it will become one when it gets together.

The three of you can meet someday.

In some day.

It’ll be great, won’t it?

It is a tie of relationships.

It must be fun..

But no one knows who will have this.

I’ll hope for you three to be happy.




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英譯: 來自DVD 上的翻譯~




Poster Shooting Scene


JJH:You’ve cut your hair?


Q:Isn’t this big migration?


JJH: Won Ba and the people are here.


Q:We have to do the make-ups now.

Starting with this nude fact?

His face is too black…




JJH: Thank you



ID Studio Shooting Scene


More comfortable and lightly…


Do that thing once.

Cut my face into half…

If you do this much, it will be fun.

Won’t it be fun?


Q:I’m sweating.


JJH:That’s the way it is.


The audiences are suffocating me.


Q: Naturally.


Doesn’t it look to much like money?


























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英譯: 來自DVD 上的翻譯~




Busan Haeundae (釜山海雲台)




Abaloe Porridge Restaurant


This is a abalone porridge restaurant which I come whenever I come to Busan .

But it’s moving away.


Today is the last regular hour by chance.

I am here on it’s last day.

It’s a memorable place to me.

Now the restaurant is moving.

Let’s go in now


I get to drink when I come to Busan.

So if I eat this porridge the next day. It makes me feel better.

Amd it’s delicious.

They are moving to that place.

I didn’t know they were moving. And it’s bitter to know they are moving.

I really came here often…


Q:You really eat well.


I do eat well.

One of the reasons that people don’t notice me is,

The reason I can go around so comfortably….

I gain weight when I am not doing a drama or a movie.

Now I’ve gained more than 7kg.

I gained more weight since I couldn’t work out because of my back.

I usually lose weight before I get this fat.

I eat well.


Thank you .


Q:Ah. What is it?

JJH:It’s an abalone fried in butter. Abalone, garlic…

Can you hear the sound?

Pine mushroom.

You should try it.

Isn’t it delicious?



Garlic is necessary in Korea food.


JJH: Yes, of course, garlic, garlic.

Garlic is really good for healt


Q: Do you eat a lot of abalone porridge in Busan?


JJH: Yes, abalone porridge, cod soup…

Unyang bulgogi, and stuff…

And what did I eat?   (完全吃貨一枚)


I couldn’t go today, but when I come to Busan…

Is it Nampodong market?

It’s Nampodong market right?

There are many interesting things there.

It’d be nice if I went there, but I don’t have time.


Q:There’s the Jagalchi fish market too.


JJH:Yes, there’s the jagalchifish market. That’s awesome.

Jagalchi fish market.

Shall I show you something cool?

I am an ambidexter.

And I can use chopsticks with my left hand.

And I’m good.

Isn’t it cool?  (自得其樂的男人, 給你拍拍手你好棒棒..哈哈哈)

This is red. But it’s not spicy.

 Don’t be afraid.

Thank you


Abalone porridge that are white.

Has problems. That is not a real abalone.

This is green because it’s made with abalone internal organs.


Q: Must the color be like this?


JJH: It should be green like this. 

The internal organs makes the color like this.

But if there’s no entralls, it’s just white.

But it depends on the people’s taste.

It’s really delicious.

Well , I will eat now then.








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英譯: 來自DVD 上的翻譯~




Busan Haeundae (釜山海雲台)


Hello !

Can you hear this sound?


This is Haeundae Beach


You are surprised to see a beach right ?

There are a lot of  beaches since Korea is surrounded by water on three sides.

I like Haeundae Beach the most.

There are a lot of stories of Haeundae Beach.

My favorite city is Busan ,

and my favorite beach is Haeundae.



There’s a film festival called the “Busan Film Festival’.

And I come often to Busan .

I really like this place.

In summer, there’s too many people.

And you can feel the active power in summer.

In winter, it’s not cold in Bussan , so it’s nice to come to the beach.

The wave keeps rushing in.

I just sit and watch it.

Also the river.

There’s much to think in Busan .

And many things get arranged too.

I love Busan.

And I really like water. Rain, river, beach…

I like water so much, 

(台北常下雨, 你來這住吧, 討厭死下雨了~><)
and I should jump in whether I’m dressed or not.

But it’s winter now.

I can’t jump in.

Q: Are you good in swimming?

I’m good in swimming.

I can say that I am good in swimming.

Q:Are you good in sea swimming ?

Yes, even sea swimming.

Sea swimming is hard though.

You can’t help but drink the salt.

So sea swimming is hard.

And it’s harder physically.


To check love…

When I come here to check on love,

Or to arrange some thoughts…

It gets arranged so well if I come here alone.

You musn’t throw rubbish like this.

You must not.

It’s really beautiful.

Can you see

A: Yes, I can.


There’s the ‘Gwangalli” beach right next here.

I’ve been there too.

I went there for the first time when I was 19.

I did the bungee jump there.

Q:Is there a bungee jumping site there?

Yes, it’s not that high. It’s about 20m.

But if you go up, it’s higher than you imagine.

I have sore throat and head cold.,so my voice is strange.

Please understand.


I can zoom what I’ve took.

It’s a sea gull. I took a picture far away.

Oh, you’ll catch cold if you stay at the beach for too long.

Now I should go and eat.












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英譯: 來自DVD 上的翻譯~



Woon Hyun Palace



Hello, This is Woon Hyun Palace.

It’s written here.

The 26th King, Gojong used to live here.

I don’t know if you remember the ‘Palace’.

There was a marrying scene in the ‘Palace’,

And we shooted it here.

Before we started the ‘Palace’,

I learned the manners from here.

This is such a meaningful place.


It’s nice to walk around.

There are many stone walls.

I like eaves like this.

I personally like looking up below the eaves.


There’s an entrance fee for entering Woon Hyu Palace.

It’s not free.

If you buy tickets from there and go inside,

You can see many places,

I stopped by while passing,

It caught my eyes.

This is where you buy tickets for Woon Hyun Palace..

The signboard is nice,

And it’s also pretty below the eaves.

I don’t think I can go inside there.

You should take a look around.
someone made that cutely ….

How do we call that?

I forgot the name.

I can’t go inside today.

It would be nice if you visit here when you come to Seoul.

The air is nice…


scan by amy





Total Art Center (美術館)

Well, I am in Pyeong Chang Dong.

I am on my way to the art hall where Doo Rae and Morae

met at the first scene of the “Kitchen’.


This is the gallery on the ‘Kitchen’.

The name of this art hall is ‘Total art hall’.

This is the entrance, and it feels new,

I came herre at summer.

Now it’s winter.

The place we shooted is below there.

We will go there now.

That wall changed a bit.

Before then, there were ceramics there.

The inside has changed too.

There’s a great picture.

It was summer then.

But now there’s snow, and the atmosphere is really nice.

I feel…

I leave to Paris in the movie,

And I feel that I’ve come back alone.

Is it an illusion?

I can’t go inside now.

If you go to the entrance,

You can find a path that leads to the basement.

Morae and I were looking around this art hall separately ,

And we bump into each other at the basement.

In the movie, this art hall was closed because of the interior construction.

And funnily, it’s the same today.

It closed down because of construction today.

So if I hide into this place, will there be somebody?

Will they think of me as a thief?

It’s such a memorable place.

And I’ve said in many interviews,

the “kitchen’ is such a beautiful memory.

I’ve talked about it with Director Hong…

It’s beautiful because I can’t go back.

But today I feel awkward.

I must be hard to shoot during summer,

But I’ve really enjoyed it, and I was happy.

I am back here today, and now it’s winter.

I wore summer pants, and summer clothes,

And I had a bear the heat.

But now I’m wearing a thick coat…

And it has snowed.

It’s not salt.

I came back here when there’s so much snow.,

It feels like that I’ve come back .

From Paris as Doorae, just like I’ve said.

So it feels very awkward.

And this doesn’t feel

Like an interview, but it feels like a video diary.

It feels new.



scan by amy




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英譯: 來自DVD 上的翻譯~




Baek Nyun Korea Traditional House





   When did you become so slim? (誰跟你一樣變胖了..斜眼..)

   You gave birth to puppies.


OMA:How about spring, summer, autumn, and winter?


JJH:Duk Hwan! (叫德煥感覺跟叫狗一樣....(), 該不會他真的把一隻狗取名叫德煥?)

    Look at her !


    I don’t smell like your mother right ?


OMA: It’s black.


JJH:It has spots.

    Oh my.


RDH:Is the smoke okay?   


OMO:Yes, It’s alright.   

         Bom does’t let other people touch her puppies

         But she lets Ji Hoon touch them.

         She won’t let other people touch them.


JJH:You can smell meat right?

    She opened her eyes.

    I’m your brother.


    Do you know the furnace?

    If you lit up fire here,

    The room gets warm.

    The good thing about furnace is you can cook sweet potato…

    Give me some silver paper.

    You wrap it up in silver paper.

    You wrap it roughly,

    And put in one by one.

    I will make many since there are many people.


    If I didn’t become an actor..

    I don’t know what I’d have done if I didn’t become an actor,

    But if I quit being an actor now,     

    I will become a carpenter or a cook.

    My grandfather was a carpenter.

    It’d be faster to put them there instead of the furnace.

    The furnace is full

    Did you set the fire there?


A:Yes, You can put it in


JJH:It looks delicious right ?


    It’s really delicious.


OMA:Food is more delicious when there is sincerity and not ingredients. 


A:Yes, that’s right.


OMA:So I cook a lot even when I am out of seasonings,

     And it’s delicious because of my sincerity.

     The taste of food isn’t related with seasonings.

     I also told the person who writes the script just now,

     But food tastes more delicious in poor houses.

     Poor house food tastes delicious.

     That is because the mother has to make food for her son’s friends

     when there’s not much ingredients.

     The good can be delicious because of the mother’s sincerity.



Q:Her sincerity cooks the good.


OMA:She can’t help but be sincere because she is short of ingredients.

     There’s not much ingredient to cook with.


JJH:Look at my shoes.


Q:Ji Hoon.


JJH: Yes.


Q:Come to your room.


JJH: Okay, I’ll be right there.

    Ah, it makes me cry until now…


Q:Where are you going?


RDH: We are…

    We are going to the secret room.


JJH:There is my room which my mother made for me.

    It’s nice. Ah it’s warm.


OMA: You have to sleep if you come here.


A: Ah, it’s good.


JJH: It looks cosy right?

    I can’t help but lie down.

JJH:Ah, it’s good.


OMA: He fell asleep.


RDH: He’s asleep.

     He wielded the axe so much…


OMA:Yes, since morning…


JJH:Must you throw the first water when you brew tea?


OMA: The first water…


JJH: Because it’s bitter?


OMA:It’s not because it’s bitter.

     Dust might have done inside the tea.

     If you use hot water for tea, it smells fishy.


JJH: These woods were not chopped.

    As far as I know, they sometimes log.

    And if there’s some piled up trees,

    We use them.

    They are thrown woods.


    I can’t do it.


Q: You are too timid now.   


JJH : Why I’m afraid is because…

         No. it’s

        This is splited.

        What I’m trying to say is, it can fly over there

        Because of blade gets unattached.

        I am worried that someone might get hurt.

        No one knows where it will fly to.


Q: The cameras are focused.


JJH:That won’t split.


Q: Never mind, I will edit it.

  You can stop now.


JJH:I will split this.


Q: Look

    You can’t do it.

    Let’s go down.

    We will stop him now.

    Hey, stop him.

    Put this away.

    Wait a moment.


JJH: He’s provoking me.


Q:You should just stand there.

   Ah, come on.  


JJH: It’s almost splited.

    Did you see me split this?


Q:Ah, I’m sorry, I missed it.


JJH: It’s really done well.


Q: The color is nice.


JJH:It’s really no joke right?


Q:It’s great.


JJH:Can you see?




JJH: Eat this.

        I will give it to you . 

        I won’t give you

        If the camera isn’t here.

        Eat this.


Q:Oh it’s good.


 JJH: Bom! I’m going.


OMA:Bom, You will be on TV.


JJH: Bom! I’m going.

    I found something funny while trying to say bye.

    I bought some beer on 1st of January….

    And I told you that you can put meat in the ice right?

    I left this on 1st of January.


OMA:Did you leave it here?


JJH: Yes, I found it now. Natural refrigerator.

JJH:Wow, it must be really nice.


Q:It’s empty.


JJH:It was an empty one.

    I’m sorry.


OMA:Isn’t it that one?


JJH:Yes, that’s the one.

    We left it there.

    We left many beers here.

    Then it becomes beer slush.


Q:Look here.


OMA: Take the picture nicely. Make me look beautiful.























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英譯: 來自DVD 上的翻譯~




Baek Nyun Korea Traditional House



RDH:She’s been waiting.

JJH: Happy new year.

    Hello, this is Baek Nyun traditional house.

    She is…

OMA:The mother of Baek Nyun house.

JJH:She’s our mother.

    I don’t know how to introduce this place.

    If you come here,you will know there’s nothing to introduce.

    We come here and drink warm tea, and eat food.

OMA: Ji Hoon was my son in my previous life.

JJH: I guess so.


JJH:A master of setting fire..

   I am good in setting fire.

RDH: No way.

JJH:When I came here on 1st of January, this fire caught my attention,

    And I set up fire from 4pm to 4am, sitting here alone.

    And kept looking at the fire.

    Can you see?

A:The color…

JJH:We didn’t put in anything we just seasoned it with salt.

    Try one. (餵攝影師)

    It’s enough if we just have rice.

    There’s a dog called “Bom”.

    She gave birth to four puppies.

    I’ll show them later.

    I really want to see them now.

    It’s really delicious.

RDH:We didn’t do any other seasoning .

OMA:Did you use only salt?

JJH:Yes, I only used salt.

    Just salt.

Q:How often do you come?

JJH:It’s quite far, and we can’t come often.

    But we come once a month.

    Sometimes twice a month.

    I come usually during day.

    But sometimes, I come at night when I feel gloomy. 

    I’ll show you later.

    I have my own room.

    Mother made my room for me.

    I drink tea in my room and think.

    I can’t sleep well because I have insomnia.

    But I sleep really well if I come here.


Q:Did you prepare some soup?

OMA: Huh?

Q: Is it soup?

OMA:It’s hard-boiled radish, bean paste soup and outer leaves.

     Ji Hoon likes them.

Q: What does Ji Hoon like?

OMA: Ji Hoon?

      When Ji Hoon comes here,

      He likes this bean-paste soup,

      And there’s some old kimchi that I fry like herbs.

      The kitchen is so dirty….

      He likes this.

Q:Is this bean-paste soup?

OMA: This is bean paste outer leaves soup.

      He likes outer leaves soup.


JJH:You have to eat this.

Let’s go and eat.

This kimchi and the herbs here

Were all digged up by my mother.

She just digs out what grows on mountains.

Water kimchi…

This is bean-paste soup.

      It’s different with normal bean-paste soup.

OMA:This is what Ji Hoon likes the most.

JJH:I don’t know how she made it.

 but it’s really delicious.

       It really tastes different.

       And it’s roasted potato and radish.   


RDH: There’s the old kimchi.

JJH:Mother, please give us some soybean paste.

Thank you .

It’s really delicious.

OMA:The kimchi that was underground doesn’t taste nice when it’s cut.

     You have to use your hands.

JJH:You musn’t use a knife to cut kimchi that is buried underground.

OMA: And when you eat seaweed… put it some kimchi.

     Then it will be delicious. Put some soy sauce too.

     Try it like this.

     It’s nice right ?

JJH: Yes.

OMA:If you don’t use oil.

       And eat sloke, and seasoned seaweed,

       It is better than eating kimchi with soy sauce.

       If you put in some sesame oil,

       The seaweed doesn’t taste nice.    

 And the meat goes well with cabbage better than lettuce

 So people eat cabbage.

 Like bossam when they eat pork.

 It goes well together.

 I cultivate chili and other things.

 Durig spring and summer.

 I’ve also cultivated this kimchi and cabbage.

 But in summer.

 I dig up right from the farm

 I ask Ji Hoon to pluck some chili.









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JJH: He is my friend Ryu Duk Hwan. (柳德煥)

    We will ride this car…

    We’ve rented this car.

    we gathered to go to the mountains with this car.

    Okay, let’s go. Go, go.


    Before we go to Yang Su Ri,

    We stopped by to buy some pork.

    I’ve bought some pork .

    But I didn’t bring my wallet, and Duk Hwan went to get it.

    I am waiting for him alone.    


    I was born and raised in the country,

    And I like things that smell of sand, excrement, and fertilizers.

    It’s quite cloudy today.

    On a day like this,

    It’s moist and the sand smells very moist.

    I like days like this.   


RDH:When I saw you at first, I never knew you’d like that

       But you like it a lot.   

       We tallk a lot while going to the mountains.  


JJH: No, how should I say…

    People see me as cold-hearted because of my role.

    If you want to come here,

    You can stop by at Woon Gil San station (雲吉山車站)by subway, and keep going down.   


RDH:Oh, it’s cool!

     What is it ?


JJH: This was made artificial.

    The weather is below zero, and from what I’ve heard.

    This is a tree, and they keep spraying water to the tree.

    It’s pretty but it’s cruel.

    It’s cruel. Trees have life too.

    It’s really slippery here.

    Whether you come here by taxi or by car,

    You have to be really careful.


RDH:It’s really dangerous.


JJH:The guy who sell meat at the market just now said.

    You guys must be movie clubs?

    Do you know what that means?


RDH:What does it mean?


JJH:It’s our humiliation.

   We are always like this…

   But if we don’t hide ourselves, most people don’t know.

   This is not a lie, people.

   If we don’t cover ourselves, most people don’t know.

   But if we wear a hat or something, we look totally different.

   We look as if we are trying to hide,

   Some people notice.

   But if we go around naturally, they don’t notice us.

   Even if they notice us, they greet us pleasantly,

   And we also say greet them pleasantly.

   That’s the way things go.


   Oh, holy shit. 


RDH:We almost went to heaven.

     Ah, it’s Sejung temple.


JJH:We are almost here.

    If you see the Sejung temple sign, you are very close.

    You just need to go a little bit more.


JJH:The snow is piled up until here.

    Do you want to see something funny?

    We’ve bought some meat right?

    There’s snow up there too, but we can just leave the meat right here.

    You don’t need a refrigerator.

    Duk Hwan !


RDH: Yes.


Q: Doesn’t it feel good everytime we come here ?


RDH: It’s really comfortable.


RDH:I am doing a difficult play these days,

     And I couldn’t resolve my stress,

     And one day I came here on New Year because Jihoon wanted to come.

     The air is different,

     And I feel I’m getting clean when I see the snow.

     And my mother is here too. I just call her mother,

     She is so good to me, and she makes real nice dished.

     I came here often because of Jihoon, and it’s so good.


Q:It’s good right?


RDH:It’s amazing.

     I’ve brought a camera.

     I wanted to leave a memory.


     What is this !

     Take this.

     What is this.


JJH: I fell down.

    You must be careful because of snow.

    What is this.

    Let’s go.


RDH: It’s beautiful.


Baek Nyun Korea Traditional House (百年韓屋)

RDH: She’s been waiting.










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JJH: This is the stand bar we go often.


Q: Will you sit down here?

JJH: Okay.

        Shall we sit there ?



I like this seat.

I like it anywhere.

This table would be better.



JJH: It’s too cold to take off my coat.

KJW: Me, too.


Q:Shall I serve you what you always eat?

JJH/KJW: Yes, please.


JJH:Give us what we usually eat.

       This place is ….

       I lived in this town before.

      While shooting “Antique”,

      The night and day kept changing, and I couldn’t sleep.

      So I stopped by here while going home,

      And drank one cup of liquor everyday.

      Because I couldn’t sleep.

      So if I come here,

      The liquor and the appetizer are just served automatically.

      And Jae Wook moved over to this town too.

      We both sit here and…

        We drank a lot when you first came here right ?

KJW: Yes, we did.

JJH:We drank 10 bottles of sake.

      We pulled up the parka that hangs until our knees,

        And came here to dink after the shooting.

     And since then , Jae Wook comes here often.

KJW: Yes.

JJH: He came here yesterday too.

 When I drink…

       This is a funny story.

      When I drink, I drink a lot.

      But Jae Wook couldn’t drink much.

      He couldn’t drink.

      He calls me comfortably now,

      But he used to call me “senior”, “sir”.

      He was scared of me.

      So he had to drink if I told him to.

      It’s not a nice custom but it’s still in Korea.

      He drank Chinese hard liquor, and vodka in cups.

      I can’t remember, but I vomited blood the next day..

      But I’m a heavy drinker.

      Then what would have happened to him?

      And since then…

      He drinks well.

      And as you know, we lived together for 7 months.

      We both don’t like going outside much.

      We stayed together for 24 hours.

Q: Do you have drinking habits?

JJH:Drinking habits…

      Jae Wook doesn’t have drinking habits.

Q:He just sleeps then?

JJH: Yes, right ?

KWJ: Do I have a drinking habit?

         No, I don’t …

Q: Then he drinks violently ?

JJH: No, he doesn’t.

       What he enjoys is .

       He sings playing a guitar when he drinks, since he does music.

       It’s nice to listen.

 KWJ: I was drunk too.

 JJH: No, it’s nice to listen.

         It’s nice to listen and…

KWJ: He has a drinking habit.

         He forces people to drink, and does a lot of skinships.

         For example, he doesn’t touch beautiful women or someone he’s interested in.

         He just does it to someone who is right next to him. (下次喝酒叫上我嘿~^^)

        If you get to drink with him, he will do it to you too.

        He touches and….

        He really likes touching people.


JJH: He used the wrong word now.

        I don’t touch people.

KJW: He strokes…

JJH: I put my arms around.

        I even hug with men.

       Jae Wook came in while I was in the middle of a game,

       But he hugs men too, and we are used to hugging each other.

       We say hi with hugs, and that feels warm and nice.


       And the difference in drinking culture…

       When we drink liquor in Japan, beer for example,

       Japanese people don’t drink at one shot,

       And they fill the cup if it’s just a bit empty.

A: Ah, that’s right.

JJH: They don’t do cheers all the time.

        They do it only once.

        The Koreans are not like that.

A:We empty the cup.

JJH: We pour when it’s all empty,

        And we do cheers all the time.

        It includes everyone, and not just us. 

        Even with hard liquors.

KJW: Except wine.

JJH: Yes.   

       What’s funny is that when we are drunk,

       Everyone is trying to do cheers,

       And we do it all the time.

KJW: Everyone are so drunk….


Q:How does sake feel?

JJH: It’s lighter.

KJW: The smell itself is sofe…

It doesn’t fight with me palate, but it soaks in naturally.

The smell is very kind.

I like that.

        And I’ve never drank alcohol that is drunk warm.

JJH: I always drink cold liquors…

        I like warm sake better than cold sake.

        It feels…

        I drink a lot usually

        But even if I don’t drink much, I can feel the warmth,

        And I drink less than usual because it feels that I’m drunk.

Q: Ji Hoon, is that your own cell phone?

JJH: Yes.

Q:I’ve never seen it before.


Q: Can you show us what the background is ?

JJH:It’s just a cat.

       We’ve really come here.

       This is a real sameness.

       Take your cell phone out.

       This is Jae Wook’s cell phone. There’s nothing in here…

       Most people use smart phones which ables internet.

       But he and I use old cell phones.

       We only call and send messages with cell phones.

       There’s nothing else to do except call someone.


Q:How long do you call someone on the cell phone ?

JJH: I’ll have to count by weeks, I don’t call mostly.

        I send a lot of messages.

        Sometimes I need something from him .

        And not wonder he is doing.

       Well we are too close but,

       If I call him to borrow something,

       I can’t call him an just say “Hey, lend me a camera”.

       It’s really awkward to say anthing else more.

       I send a message saying “Lend me a camera”.



This is spicy fish paste soup.

      It’s made of fish paste and the devil’s tongue, and it’s hot.

      It’s hot because of the chili powder.

      If you are brave enough, than try it.

      There are other nice dishes too, so eat other stuffs.

      I eat warm food with sake, and this is my favorite.

KJW:When we are out of fish paste, we eat fried mero.

        Yes,we eat fried meo.

JJH:I’m kind of suffering now.

       The speed of drinking is only 1/10 of my normal speed.

       I really drink fast.

KJW:One more bottle should have been served now.

JJH:There should have been one more bottle already.

       But I can’t be too drunk.


JJH:We should have eaten more,

       But today Jae Wook also has to meet a director at dinner.

       It’s been such a long time coming out of a bar before sunset.

KJW: It’s been such a long time drinking when the sun is up.


JJH: Yes.

        I will say bye to Jae Wook here.

       Hey, thanks.

KJW:I’ll call you.

JJH: Alright, call me. Do well today.

KJW:Okay,what are you doing tonight?

JJH:Tonight? Nothing.

KJW:I’ll call you .

JJH:Okay, call me.

Thank you

Bye, bye…

I am alienated.




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Korea restaurant <Da On Ga>



KJW: Hello.

JJH: What’s up? Come on.

  I have to stop this game.


KJW: Shall I order something ?

JJH: Eum ,okay.

       Order what you’d like.

       Let’s eat meat.


KJW: Shall we?

JJH: Yes.

KJW: What’s most expensive?

JJH: Most expensive?

KJW:There’s the rib eye roll.

JJH: Most, most, most expensive…

        Most, most, most expensive…


KJW: Can I smoke?

A: Yes.


KJW: I want to eat pot stew.

JJH: The bean paste soup boiled rice is nice.

       One bean paste soup rice and…

A: I’m sorry, but we can’t serve bean paste soup rice now.

JJH: You can’t ?

KJW: Then what about just bean paste soup? 

A: That’s fine.

JJH: Then, one bean paste soup and…


JJH: One pan rib

A: Yes.

JJH: And one small roast pyeonchae.


KJW:Can I have a cup of water?

A: Alright.

JJH: Thank you .



JJH: Ah, really.

        I thought about it a lot.

       The concept of this shooting is my daily life…

       But actually I smoke…

       It might not look nice to see me smoking, (你也知道喔斜眼)

       But I think I can go near more comfortable.

       It’s not a bad intention.


       Yes. Please. (服務生剛好進來)

       Thank you .


       If Jae Wook performs later,

       I told him to make me a guest singer.

       And he answered “oh, okay…”


KJW:That’s possible only when I am settled down.

        Then only there will be an effect,

        But he wants to die together.

        I was afraid.


Q: It’s not because you can’t trust him?


KJW: He’s a good singer.


Q: That was your concer.


KJW: Yes. He really sings well.


JJH: We don’t have good skills.

        Thank you (服務生送菜進來)

        It looks delicious.

KJW:Is this pyeonchae?

A: Yes.

JJH: This is roasted.

A: The meat is refrigerated,

    And you can wrap it with vegetables, and dip it into sauce.

JJH: Yes, thank you .

       This is the hightlight.

KJW: This?

JJH: This is nice.

KJW: Yes.

JJH: It’s nice right?

       How can it be cold when it’s roasted?

KJW: They might have done the outside…

JJH: Did they roast the whole thing?

        Did they freeze it after cooking ?

KJW: This part and this part is different.

Shall I call the manager of this place ?

(估計金dd 已經受不了朱先生像好奇寶寶一樣猛問了..哈哈哈, 因為我在打時心裡就有在想, 甘脆請廚師來跟你解釋會比較快斜眼)

JJH: No,it’s alright.

I told you that my night and day changed right?

The main reason is right here. (現在是說千錯萬錯都是金dd 的錯就是了..哈哈哈)

He changed my night ad day.

I learned coffee from you .


KJW: Yes.

JJH: I’ve learned all the bad things from him.

KJW: Coffee isn’t bad right?


JJH: I will introduce you to a place later.

      We went there very often,

      But it closed down.

     That place was nice….


KJW: It was an oasis of this town.


JJH: He likes cooking too,

       But I cook usually, and he washed the dished.

       He’s really neat. I’m not neat…

       We grilled some meat at our house once.

       We even ate boned ribs too.

       But we are never going to grill it ever again.

       He polished the floor for 3 days after we ate boned ribs.


KJW: That oil…

         There was no slipper in my house at that time.


JJH: Yes, that’s right.

KJW: I didn’t have a slipper,

        And that oil…

        Do you know what I mean?

        You know it right?

        That was really too much.

        You know it right ?

        The oil splashed on the floor when you grill meat.

        That won’t go away even if I clean it.

        Later I put some soju in the spray

        And polished it for three days.

JJH: I really hate cleaning my house…   

KJW: But you learned a lot.

JJH: I really can’t understand.

KJW: What can’t you understand?

          I heard you clean your house now.

JJH: I clean better than I used to be.

       But now I clean sometimes.


KJW: You still have to clean it…

JJH: Hey, come on..

KJW: You are too much. You don’t have to feel pressured.

JJH: Hey, come on.

Thank you (又送菜進來)

KJW: It looks like a hamburger.

         This looks delicious.

JJH: It’s the pan rib.


KJW: There’s no reason not to like it.

JJH: No, completely not.

Thank you (送菜進來)

It comes along with this.

A: Yes, it does.

JJH: If I knew it, I would have ordered kimchi soup…

A: Turn over the pan rib once… and then debone it.

JJH: Yes, thank you .

A: Please enjoy.


       I will give you a tip.

       There’s something you have to know. In Korea restaurants…

       I think this is apllied only in our country.

       If you order a pan rib, only the pan rib sould be served.

       But in Korea, if you order a main dish,

       Soups come along often. (在台灣叫套餐or簡餐)

       So people make mistakes like this.

       It’s the same soup.

       We’ve ordered it separately.

       And this was served.

       I feel a regret that we should have ordered a kimchi soup, but it’s too late.

       The bus has left.

       Do you know why I ordered a pan rib?

       I have a painful memory.

KJW: Why did you order it?

          I have to eat a lot.

JJH: You really have to eat a lot.

        You really lost a lot of weight.


JJH: We’ve finished eating…

        And We’ve got a lot to talk about.

        There’s a shop we go often…

        What should we call that?

KJW: A stand bar…

JJH: A stand bar like shop.

       We will drink lightly there and talk.


Q:Do you guys walk together often?

JJH: Yes. we do.

  One day…

        I remembered a funny story.

KJW: What?

JJH: Jae Wook called me suddenly.

  There’s an amusement park called the ‘Lotte World”

        He wanted me to come there.

        And I said “Yes”

        I told you before, but I go alone a lot.

        People don’t notice me much…

       And I rode the subway…

       There’s a lot of people on line number 2.

       I went on the subway not even wearing a mask.

       I bought the ticket, and Jae Wook came to meet me.

       Jae Wook doesn’t have any changes in his weight,

       And so people notice him a lot.

       Suddenly someone shouted “It’s Kim Jae Wook!”

       And shouted “It’s Ju Ji Hoon!” after seeing me.

       I’ve never experienced that before.

       Hundreds of people crowded around us.

       And we ran away from the Lotte World.

       (他以為他還是平民老百姓喔? )


KJW: We had a free ticket , but only rode 2 rides.

         That makes me sad until now. It was such a waste of money…


JJH: This is a beerhouse now, but it used to be…

        A potato meat soup restaurant. They sold potato meat soup, and rice,

        And we drank here.

        The grandmother of this shop grilled meat for us when we took them.

        It’s such a pity it disappeared.








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Namsan Seoul Tower


As I told you ,

I had only rode on a motorbike, and walked until here,

so I’ve never seen this place like this.

It looks all new.

That’s why many people come here.

It’s the same place I used to come,

but I walked on a different path.


It’s the Seoul Tower.


It’s really big, Seoul Tower.

It’s a beacon mound.

It says it’s a beacon mound.

It’s a place for signal fire right ?

A: They call it a beacon mound where they put singal fire.

They put fire on this, and give signs.

When there’s war.


Shall we go to the Seoul Tower?


Do people write on this lock ?

Take a look at this.

Can’t you see well from here?

It’s really nice to see from here.


Did it get recorded?


Are you recording now?

It’s not an easy thing.

It’s really not easy.

It feels good.

It feels so good.


Shall I break this lock ?

It’s a masterpiece because the film was messed up.

It’s not my skill.

I like this so much.

I’ll give it to someone.

Won’t he or she hate it?

When I came here on motorbike.

This place is….

Namsan street are very winding.

People who ride motorbikes like curved course,

So we went there a lot.

It was okay except in winter.

During summer night ,

There’s a place where motorbikes gather .

If you go there, the engine sound motorbikes, 

And the oil smell is eally strong.

If I smell that now, I still think about my memories.

I lived in Namsan for more than one month during “Don Juan”

I stayed in Namsan for 15,16 hours a day.

I ran in the morning, practiced, ate, and practiced again.

I came to Namsan that often,

But I haven’t gone further than the observatory.

It feels great to look around slowly and see things very carefully.


Can you see that?

That is…

I don’t know what that performance is ,

but if you come here, you can see traditional stuffs like that.



The air is really nice.

I feel good when the air is nice.

Ah, it’s good.


I like streets like this rather than the steps.

Can you see the asphalt?

It’s a wide road.

Places like the Children’s grand park.

This is it.

Good job walking around Namsan.

Go and eat some dinner.

We’ve prepared it.

Now, shall we go ?

A: You should go on a motorbike.

Q:Motorbikes? That’s good.

It’s nice.

Do you want to go?

I can’t go because I don’t have a helmet.










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Namsan Cable Car


This is where you can ride the Namsan cable car.

I’ve never rode this before.

I’m nervous.

I’m scared.

I saw just now.

And I think 48 people can ride on one cable car.

The maximum number is 48?

A: Yes.

But today, we got to ride this ourselves specially .

If you come here and ride the cable car, you can see seoul.

And personally, I like Namsan.

I don’t ride motorbikes now, but when I used to ride it,

I came to Namsan often .

I came here at Namsan with my lovers and my friends…

And the Don Juan’s practice room is in Namsan .

It’s in Namsan, and I used to stay here all the time.

But I’ve never rode the cable car before.


It’s going.

It’s really my first time.

Wow, it’s nice.

It’s going up like this.

There’s a meat stew restaurant, and other restaurants.

The practicing room is right at the end.

It’s nice to go on a cable car,

I can’t explain because I don’t know the exact path,

But you can walk up

Until Namsan’s observatory. Until seoul Tower.

It’d be nice to walk there if you like walking.

There are traditional houses. 

Is that house personal possession ?
A:It’s a restaurant.

Is it a restaurant?


Since it snowed a lot before. It’s all covered with snow.

I wish the sky was a bit brighter.

It’s quite blue today but…


It’s a beautiful city.


There’s Myeong dong.

Right over there.

The front side, Myeong dong.


There’s the promenade.

The promenade is around Namsan fortress.

We’ve arrived.

When I came here in the morning for the ‘Don Juan’,

I ran in Namsan for 1 hour.

I came here before 1 hour the practicing room opened. and I ran singing.

I remembered that suddenly .

I like Namsan.

Goodbye. Bye….


以前做的gif ~^^





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Q: What is the piece that you hesitated?

Musical “Don Juan”

I started the musical without firm belief.


Q:To do but later thought you had made the right decision?

It’s not a matter of whether it will go well or not.

The director helped me a lot during the “Palace’.

I couldn’t make any choice.

And I was inside every character I acted after that.

I could do it well.

It’s not that I’m good in vocalization ,

But they were characters that had the feelings.

I felt during my life.

Don Juan’ wasn’t, but I did it.

Because I liked the stage.


Q: It seems you must be more nervous on stage 

When I first stood on the stage…

It felt like as if my heart was going to burst.

I asked somme stupid questions.

When my juniors asked me the same question .

When I was a model ,

I gave them the same answer.

I told them that your heart will beat until you die.

I don’t think it’s necessary to do something once you are not nervous .


Q:Do you feel the tension on stage?

You have to walk about 40m on the runway.


Q:Which you felt on the runway.

It feels great.


Q:When you were a model?

To explain more easily,

When I stand next to the door,

There’s a person who gives the cue sign. If he say “cue’,

Times stops from the moment I go on the runway.

It feels like swimming in water…

And even the sight too.

There are too many flash, and the music is too loud,

And your body vibrates,

You lose sense of space, and your sight a little bit.

And you feel dizzy.

That’s what I felt.

You see white things, and when you open your eyes,

You are at the back of the stage.

I will say that feeling lasts for 2 hours.



以上文字, 視頻從3:36 ~5:46

source from 5050papi 



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Café Rainbow (Han River)


This is a café near Han river.

And there’s an elevator too.

If you legs hurt, you can ride on it,

But I walk until the 3rd floor.

The café is above Han River bridge, and the scenery is nice.

It’s beautiful now because of the snow.

There are people working out.

I also run along Han River instead of going to fitness clubs.

It’s really nice.





It feels like a cold store.

If you come up here, you can see the Han River in 360 degrees.

Look around. It’s quite dizzy…

I couldn’t drink coffee,

But I learned from Jae Wook.

Some say that coffee is good, and some say it’s bad.

I didn’t really want to learn coffee, but somehow I learned it.




If you go this much…towards that side, there’s the Namsan Tower.

That Namsan Tower I the symbol of Seoul.

They call is Seoul Tower.

We call is Namsan Tower,

But foreigners call is Seoul Tower.

I went there privately,

And sometimes for shooting,

I will go there soon.

I’ll talk about it later.




My cell phone is actually 2G, and old one.

I am using someone else’s cell phone.

Q: Do you like games?

I play games sometimes, and I have a game console,

And once or twice a year, I fall into games,

I stay over night for a few days,

And I don’t play it for about 9 to 10 months.



Q: Console game?

Yes, console game.




Level up !

It’s a real simple game, but it’s addictive.

There are too many smart people in the word.

Not everyone is like me.(知道就好, 噗) 



Q: You are born to look nice on photographs.

That’s because I met good photographers.

It’s a joke, it looks nice because of the make-up. (誠實的小孩..呵呵呵)

I was 11kg slimmer than now.



Q: You were more slim than now.


I gained 11kg than that day.



Q: How long did it take you go gain 11kg?

I didn’t take years. I gained 6,7kgs in just 3 months from October.

I told you just now, but I have a lumbar disc.

I got this disc while working out violently.

In October, and now I can’t exercise anymore.

I can work out at all.



Q: Is it that severe?

It’s not like I’m going to die,

But I can feel pain at my back all the time.

Sometimes I can’t lie down or even sit down. (心疼)

I keep going to hospital .



Q: You’ll have a hard time when you go to the army.

I have to take pain killers with me.

I’m not staying for 2 years, so I have to bear it.

So I get treatments everyday.





Q: Aren’t you afraid of injections ?


I am…not scared of something coming into my body.

Like getting injections…

Is there acupuncture in Japan too?

I’m not afraid of acupuncture.

I listened well to my mother since I was young.

I trusted my mother.

When I sprained my ankle,

My mother took me to an Oriental clinic,

And wanted me to get acupuncture.

I asked her to treat me, and not anybody else. 

But I followed her because she wanted me to.

And I cried when an old man stabbed a big needle.



Q: A big needle… 

Well, I was about six,

And I stopped crying when my mother said

‘Hey, think carefully, it doesn’t hurt”

Don’t keep crying and think again.

When he stabbed another one. It just stinged a bit.

I’m not afraid of getting injections.



Q: Your mother is smart.


I was gentle when I was young.

The back of my hea is straight like a cliff. 



Q: Can you show us ? 


It’s flat if you touch it.

When she laid me know. I just fell asleep.

I didn’t even turn over once.

I kind of blame her.



Q: A secret that the fans don’t know is revealed


Q: You are quite thin.

Not anymore



Q: Well, not aymore but…Few months ago.

You like animals , and you are quiet,

So the Japanese fans think you are timid, introspective,

And are afraid of going to hospitals.  

Ah. Really?



Q: of coure.

Even if I am infront of the camera, I talk and laugh well

With the people I don’t know well,

When I come outside.

But I don’t come out usually,

And don’t like meeting people I don’t know much.

That’s why they think like that.

I hang out well once I meet them.

Once I meet them, I don’t take to strangers.

But I’m shy before I meet someone.

And when my friend wants me to come over,

I don’t go if he’s with someone I don’t know.

I used to be like this before becoming an actor.

I must be one of the top of having poor relationships.

I’m serious.



Q: Which actor do you think has a poorer relationship than you ?

I don’t know that.



Q: then

The two actors I know are Kim Jak Wook, and Ryu Duk Hwan.



Q:Then do they have similar characteristics with you ?

Ryu Duk Hwan likes meeting people.and going outside.

And Jae Wook…I’m not sure about him.

He probably won’t know well about himself.

They are interesting people.


source from 5050papi  (影片佔部份)



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